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Our Vision

At Cellerant, our vision is to bring value to every sector of our dental industry, therefore providing new levels of growth and success to those companies we support.

Our goal at Cellerant is to work in concert with our team of leading dental industry experts, in order to deliver the very best strategies and results. We pride ourselves on execution and acceleration of agreed upon goals and objectives. The power of our cooperative comes with our ability to offer a unified approach to some, or all, of the varied services needed to take businesses to the next level in the most accessible way.

By teaming up with Cellerant, our partners are given the unique opportunity to serve clients who make up the lifeblood of the dental industry with new models that exceed expectations.

Cellerant Consulting Group will propel your business beyond the competition.

Our Goal

Cellerant was born of the need to utilize the incredible talent that surrounded Dr. Shuman in the field of dentistry.
The goal is to provide Cellerant clients, and ultimately the dentists that are their customers, a total solution approach to accelerating their growth as a business. Cellerant strives to create a deeper meaning in the relationship with their dental customers that goes beyond the products they provide.

"Over the last 10 years in the dental industry, I have met a wide range of people. Some disappoint, some are dependable and a precious few are impressive. I can say, without hesitation, that Dr. Lou Shuman is easily one of the most remarkable people I’ve worked with in my capacities as Editor in Chief and Group Content Director for Advanstar Dental Media, and in my new role in media relations with the KaVo Kerr Group."

Thais Carter
Senior Manager for PR and Media Relations, Kavo Kerr Group
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