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Websites and Online MarketingDental product development is complex. There is the dentist's problem to solve for, ensuring that the market can support the product, and following stringent regulatory requirements. The bottom line is that there must be a product that a dentist is willing to purchase, a market that is large enough, and evidence that the dental product is safe and efficacious for the intended use.

To add an additional layer of complexity: the dental product world is constantly changing, and that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. To tackle complexity, Cellerant takes a systems perspective to product development. It starts with a robust strategy that links to your idea pipeline, process, and portfolio management system. We also have considerable experience, leveraging 100+ years of dental product knowledge from some of the top dental minds in the United States.

Product Discovery

Discovery encompasses solving the customer's problem, ensuring there is a market for that solution, establishing technical feasibility, and project risk to implement the solution. The Cellerant team consists of Key Opinion Leaders who practice dentistry in the real world and treat patients in private practice. Discussions will include early prototyping and the integration and usability of the product along with feedback from early concepts.

Product Development

During development, the physical product is created and tested with ongoing feedback. Cellerant can provide real-world testing of your products. In addition, the Cellerant team will monitor the market prior to introduction, helping you understand key competitors.

Product Commercialization

Through Cellerant KOLs, the introduction of the process can be expedited. This includes article placement in key dental publications and podium presence at major and minor dental meetings. As the market continues to change, you will have access to dentists who understand it deeply, allowing you to remain competitive.

Cellerant Services include:
•  Clinical Product Evaluation
•  OEM Manufacturing
•  KOL Engagement
•  Continuing Education

How We Can Help (Product Development):

Product Development
Cellerant Consulting - Dental Product Development, Dental Company Accellerator, Dentistry Experts

Whether you are a pre-revenue startup or looking to energize an established dental business we can help.

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