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What Is Cellerant?

At Cellerant, our vision is to bring value to every sector of our dental industry, therefore providing new levels of growth and success to those companies we support.

Cellerant brings together the best, most talented dental service agencies and puts those resources at your fingertips.

Upon finalizing goals and objectives through consultation with Dr. Shuman, a Cellerant client has the opportunity to benefit from the executive consulting skills that he has personally provided to growing companies successfully over the last 8 years and Cellerant clientele have the choice of utilizing his partners as needed to create a seamless unified approach that has never been provided in dentistry.

By forming partnerships with the top dental companies in areas of marketing, branding, HR, and more Cellerant brings clients tools that will not only excel but exceed expectations for their businesses.

Our goal at Cellerant is to work in concert with our team of leading dental industry experts, in order to deliver the very best strategies and results. We pride ourselves on execution and acceleration of agreed upon goals and objectives. The power of our cooperative comes with our ability to offer a unified approach to some, or all, of the varied services needed to take businesses to the next level in the most accessible way.

By teaming up with Cellerant, our partners are given the unique opportunity to serve clients who make up the lifeblood of the dental industry with new models that exceed expectations.

Who Is Cellerant?
Cellerant came together under the direction of Dr. Lou Shuman. He along with senior executive consultant John Kringle, executive consultant Lauren Burns, and the Chief Development Officers, make up the core of Cellerant's brain trust.

Chief Development Officers of Cellerant
•  Martin Jablow, Chief Development Officer, Private Practice in New Jersey, America's Dental Technology Coach

•  Paul Feuerstein, Chief Development Officer, Private Practice in Massachusetts, Technology Editor of Dentistry Today

•  John Flucke, Chief Development Officer, Private Practice in Missouri, Chief Editor and Technology Editor of Dental Products Report

•  Chris Salierno, Chief Development Officer, Private Practice in New York, Editor-in-Chief of Dental Economics
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