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ADA Cellerant Technology Expo

The ADA Cellerant Technology Expo has ultimately become the largest exhibit space at the ADA Annual Meeting. There are mini exhibit booths of each winner, so there’s an opportunity for the participants to visit all of the winners in one location; and then there’s the hottest ticket in town, our invitation-only VIP reception, which is the actual Awards ceremony. The focus of the Tech Expo is not only on previewing all the winning technologies but on education as well. We have a 270-seat classroom, which has grown over time and hosts multiple courses over 3 days. You get a free CE credit per course. The Technology committee lectures, which puts the top technology leaders in dentistry in one location, which is a tremendous benefit for the participants. We sell out all 13 or 14 courses every year, which makes us the largest CE provider at the ADA meeting. We were also honored a couple of years ago when the Tech Expo was influential in helping the ADA win an award for best education on a trade show exhibit hall. Read the full interview with Dr. Lou Shuman here.

We hope you enjoy seeing our 2016 winners as they received their awards!

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